About Me

I am Jo, mum of three children, plus dog and hubby (does that make four children plus dog?).

I am also The Reluctant Housewife – please take a look at The Reluctant Housewife jlpj5@wordpress.com to find out more about that me. That was  my first blog. The one that I cut my teeth on as it were.

My passions are writing, Billy Bragg and travel. (And my kids, hubby etc. she adds hurriedly in case they read this!)

I also love a cup of tea.

Now living in Singapore, I’m lucky to have been given the opportunity to extend at least one of these passions*. Singapore is a great place to be based for amazing travel options. In fact, it seems most people seem to know Singers for its airport alone (which is pretty amazing) as the little red dot is a popular layover.

I can’t wait to explore – and write about – this part of the world.

I know there are many, many other expat blogs out there. I wanted to join in the fun and add my own voice. It’ll be good though, you wait and see.

5 Go Mad isn’t meant to be a ‘how to relocate to Singapore’ blog, or a guide to being an expat blog or even a blog on where to go in Singapore. I hope it’s a mix of all three. With a little bit of humour and maybe an opinion or two thrown in (if it gets past big brother) .

Let me know what you think.

Do you fancy a cuppa? Milk and sugar?




*Should Billy Bragg come to these shores, he’s on ‘my list’ though…


What do you think?

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